PJ-X3? What??

Yeah, well, I had to come up with a name to put my work out under but I got bored trying to think of something cool & original. Eventually I just went with an anagram of an old 80’s synth I use (no prizes for guessing which). P & J also happen to be my first two initials, so it sort of works… maybe. 😕

I like the idea of using anagrams to name things, I stole it from some guy who uses them a lot. You might guess who I’m talking about if you listen to some of my tracks, he’s quite an influence on my work (okay, okay, I nick his ideas too – I have no shame).

Incidentally, I got the synth in exchange for an Xbox a few years back. Apparently the console has since died an ugly death but the synth is still going strong (nice work m$).