Refund – Orthoclase (remixed by me!)

The guys over at TEFOSAV organised a little compilation where each musician was randomly given a remix pack from a fellow TEFOSAVian and told to “have at it!”. I was given Refund‘s Orthoclase to mash up, the results of which can be heard here…

Check out the whole compilation over at the bandcamp page.

Home Made MC-4

Here are couple of videos of a project I’ve been working on; a recreation of the Roland MC-4 CV/gate sequencer using an Arduino Mega. I acquired one of these old sequencers to use with my modular synth but unfortunately I’ve never managed to save & load programs on it (I think it’s busted). So I decided to have a go at making my own version, with the key feature of being able to save & load data to an SD card. There’s still some way to go but it’s getting there. I’ll eventually release the schematics & code once it’s in a decent (less shocking) state.


A bit of work in progress this time as well as a sort of demo. I’m using the incredible awesomeness of Expert Sleeper’s Silent Way Sync plugin on this track to clock various bits of gear (more about that later). I’ll complete this one after I finish another track I’m currently working on, so this is a sort of preview I guess…

PJ-X3? What??

Yeah, well, I had to come up with a name to put my work out under but I got bored trying to think of something cool & original. Eventually I just went with an anagram of an old 80′s synth I use (no prizes for guessing which). P & J also happen to be my first two initials, so it sort of works… maybe. :?

I like the idea of using anagrams to name things, I stole it from some guy who uses them a lot. You might guess who I’m talking about if you listen to some of my tracks, he’s quite an influence on my work (okay, okay, I nick his ideas too – I have no shame).

Incidentally, I got the synth in exchange for an Xbox a few years back. Apparently the console has since died an ugly death but the synth is still going strong (nice work m$).